Blogs to Check Out!

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Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast is a quirky blog that shares a unique vision of children’s literature.  The author is a librarian, mom, and sign language translator who shares a very visual look into books.  Her archives go back to 2006, giving a reader an abundance of resources to search through.  She also provides a wide selection of books, ranging from Adult to ABC and Picture Books.  One useful feature is the international spotlight section, giving a well deserved focus on books, authors, and illustrators from around the world.  This blog not only gives you a look into a unique selection of books, but it also provides links to, what seems to be, hundreds of other related blogs about different areas of literature.

Watch. Connect. Read.

Watch. Connect. Read. is a blog that offers a look into literature using text, art, and video.  Creator Mr. Schu designed a straightforward format for scrolling down through reviews, videos, and pictures about a variety of texts. After a review of each page, there are links to the author’s page and pictures of each book.  One unique aspect of this blog is that he includes dialogue from reviewed texts, hooking readers in the stories.  He also celebrates the authors, giving them praise for their accomplishments and shining a light on their work in children’s literature.

Peer Selected Blogs:

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Jennifer wrote about The Nonfiction Detectives is a great resource for teachers, now with the Common Core Standard’s abundant focus on nonfiction texts.  Along with reviews of books, this blog offers links at the bottom of each review to the author’s and publisher’s pages.  The blog would be a great resources for children in 3-6th grade to discover new texts for research on nonfiction topics in school and at home.

Great Kid Books

Ann discussed the blog Great Kid Books.  This blog is very simple, yet offers, a great amount of resources as you continue to scroll down through the page.  There are highlights on authors and books and provides summer reading lists.

Kharissa showed interest in Books 4 Your Kids.  The blog’s clean and soft design makes for a calming literature review experience.  Yet, the author also shows pictures and pages of the books, hooking readers right away.  Organizing the books by genre and reading levels also makes this an amazing resource for parents, teachers, and librarians. 



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